If you missed the October meeting you missed out on a good speaker, a good entertainer, a chance for a draw prize, and a chance on a 50/50 prize. Come out next month and join in the fun.

Gaining momentum 

We now have a Secretary. Lynda is going to keep our minutes and she willingly helped out on selling tickets. Already the minutes  are here for me to prepare this document for you.

Olive has agreed to act as our Treasurer so you will not be asked to fill that position for a while.

It has been said “If you want someone to help out, ask a busy person”. We have TWO of them now.

 Now, about the meeting …

Earl was happy to put that Grand Piano to good use by playing toe-tapping music as people arrived and that was a great start. Thank you, Earl. “Sorry if you missed it”, but you were told that this Chapter was going to “swing”. It did! Earl will not be able to attend for a few months but has promised to juice us up again next Spring. He does not know it but he is going to be drafted as our “Resident musician”. Are you willing to fill in during his absence and enjoy the opportunity to use the Grand while you entertain us? Please do. Pop an email to me at [email protected]

After the music ended an attempt was made to get some more volunteers to give an hour or less per month. Who knows? You might enjoy what you do so much that you might want to spend an extra hour at it.

The main event then started as Kevin Tomlinson, remember that name, gave a very informative presentation about border crossing, taxes, health advisories, snow bird taxation liability in the USA as well as in Canada for those who stay 122 days or more. He warned about the dangers faced by would-be permanent migrants to foreign destinations. Many questions were answered from the group. Call Kevin at (705) 876-1282  Toll Free (1-888) 334-7721 for assistance.

The prizes

Next was our 50/50 draw which raised our first chapter money. It was not a large prize but it was generously donated back to the Chapter by the winner, Cliff Patterson. Thank you, Cliff. Now we have a little money for our Social Committee?

The 50/50 was followed by two draw prizes which Kevin generously donated. One winner left with a nice set of vacuum bottles to keep drinks hot or cold. The second winner went home with a useful 12 volt, 250 psi,  compressor for use in the car. If you missed out on those chances, come out to the next meeting because Kevin has provided two more prizes to be won there, and we will have another 50/50. On the topic of prizes, what do you do with those DVDs after you have watched them? Would you like to donate one or two for door prizes at future meetings?

The future?

Now, if we can get three or four people to form the Social Committee our meetings will be even better. We will reimburse you for the cookies crackers, juice, water or whatever seems appropriate for the committee’s serving. For your information, I spoke with Applewood management sometime ago and they indicated that they would be willing to provide refreshments. Think about how pleasant it would be to stay around for a while after our meeting, chat with old or new friends, and have something to sip on and some nibbles to enjoy during that time. You could, if so desired, set out a box for people to throw in some loose change if they saw fit with no obligation to do so.

More to follow.