Welcome to I.C.A. Services

We specialize in providing high quality medical, legal and academic translation and we can assist you with certificate and document preparation. We take great pride in establishing strong personal relationships with our clients through our Financial Advisor who is committed to helping you enhance, develop and modify your plan over time, offering relevant suggestions.

I.C.A. stands for Italian Canadian Assistance, although we are a multi-service office. We bring many agencies together such as the legal, the financial advisor, the immigration consultant, and the education and language facilitator. From the defined social care mandate, we moved forward to meet the increasing demand of our clients for additional services. As a consequence of this, I.C.A. is privileged to tailor each intervention to address the clients’ need, being able to do it under the same roof. Our services are trustworthy and affordable.

ICA Services include:

-Individual and business income tax e-filing

-Translation services – language translation – document translation –

-Wills & Power of Attoney


To book an appointment or speak with a representative,

call toll-free : 1-800-928-1502

call locally in GTA : 905-605-8181

E-mail us at: [email protected]

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