CARP in the News and in the Huffington post November 19th to December 6th, 2013


Susan’s Blog Entries for the Huffington Post

Between November 25th and November 29th 2013, Susan Eng, CARP VP of Advocacy, wrote and published 3 articles on the Huffington Post website.  They were:

Why CPP Matters: Deconstructing Pension Reform, The Huffington Post, November 25th, 2013: Susan Eng recently wrote a blog post deconstructing CPP reforms for the Huffington Post. This post details the benefits that the proposed CPP enhancements will bring for all Canadians. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FULL ARTICLE.

Younger Canadians Will Suffer the Most From This Failing System, The Huffington Post, November 28th, 2013: Following Susan Eng’s November 22nd article on Why CPP Matters, this November 28th post links the OECD report detailing the rise in Canada’s senior poverty levels to the urgent need to enhance CPP to meet future generations’ retirement needs. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FULL ARTICLE.

Senior Discounts Mean More Than $2 Shampoo, The Huffington Post, November 29th, 2013: In Susan Eng’s third Huffington Post blog this month, Susan discusses the true value of seniors discounts- ones that go far beyond the personal care isle and into everyday life. Susan also discusses the long term needs for better income supports of aging Canadians. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FULL ARTICLE.

CARP IN THE NEWS: November 19th to December 6th, 2013

During this time period, CARP also received several mentions and Susan Eng was interviewed for several stories.  They were:

 End of B.C. ferry deal for ‘price sensitive’ senior citizens part of growing trend across Canada, The National Post, November 19th, 2013: In what may be a harbinger for a greying Canada, a ferry service operating in one of the country’s most senior-saturated regions announced Monday it was dramatically slashing its senior discounts. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FULL ARTICLE.

 Senior Discounts, MacLean’s Magazine, November 19th 2013: originally titled ”Why Seniors Shouldn’t Get Discounts. Seniors today are among the richest, most comfortable people in the country. (That’s why)” presents many sides of the senior discounts arguments currently being discussed in the media and many communities. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FULL ARTICLE

You’re Hired, You’re Fired, Blacklock’s Reporter on November 19th 2013: The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from Allen Forsyth, a former employee at Metro Vancouver’s Coast Mountain Bus Co., a municipal transit operator. Forsyth claimed he was denied full-time work and benefits when the company hired him as a part-timer at age 66, and dismissed him two years later. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FULL ARTICLE

Sudbury Chapter Chair’s CBC Interview on Interim and Long Term Health Care Needs for Older Canadians, November 21st, 2013, The GazetteCLICK HERE TO READ THIS FULL ARTICLE.

Don’t Refer to Elderly Patients as ‘bed-blockers,’ Group Says, November 22nd 2013, The Gazette: “Do you think they want to be there? If they had options, they’d leave immediately,” said Susan Eng, vice-president of CARP. “It’s (the hospitals’ fault) for not coordinating services.”  CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FULL ARTICLE.

Seniors living in poverty on the rise in Canada, OECD says, CBC News, The Lang and O’Leary Exchange, November 27th 2013: Susan Eng, CARP’s VP of Advocacy, recently sat down with the hosts of the Lang and O’Leary Show on CBC to discuss the OECD findings on Canadian seniors’ poverty levels and CPP enhancements. The show’s clip can be found at the bottom of the article. CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FULL ARTICLE.

CARP’s Eng concerned about rise in senior poverty, supports enhanced CPP,  Alliance for Retirement Income Adequacy, December 5th, 2013:  “This is the first generation in which two thirds of working Canadians don’t have any access to a workplace pension … which is why we are so invested in improving the CPP.  There really is no other option at this time.” – Susan Eng.   CLICK HERE TO READ THIS FULL ARTICLE.