Eyes, Ears , Knees and Toes………


Thursday March 20, 2014 @6:30pm at the Central YMCA

In our preamble to Spring Training we will be having a panel of specialists coming in to talk about body health. This session is sponsored by Listen Up Canada.

We will be having a Listen Up audiologist talking about ear heath, an Iris eye doctor who will provide info on different eye conditions that may need medical care and a physiotherapist from Insideout Physiotherapy  who will talk about, back, spine, knee and foot problems and solutions then stay tuned for …….

Thursday April 24,2014 11:00 am-3:00pm for Spring Training Starts Here at the Central YMCA!

Where CARP members will be introduced to water fitness classes, senior yoga and what ever other activities they want to participate in that day as well as receive a FREE week pass to the YMCA to try it out ! Bring your bathing suits and yoga gear and ……..

Come Join us………Spring has sprung at TO2

Central YMCA……….20 Grosvenor St. ( 1 block south of theWellesley Subway station