Consumer Coach – Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

Information posted November 30, 2014

hol decorating


The holidays are a special time of year marked by the nip in the air, the spirit of giving, and the glow of decorative lights. As you deck your halls, it’s important to keep electrical safety top of mind.

Whether you’re spinning a dreidel by the light of an electric menorah or stringing up lights around the tree, Consumer Protection Ontario has these tips to help you and your family avoid electrical hazards this holiday season:

Light up safely:

  • Check your lights for the mark of a recognized certification agency. This shows the product has been tested and meets safety standards
  • Check new or old lights for any broken or cracked sockets
  • Check to make sure you use the properlights for indoor and outdoor decorating

Outlets, cords and plugs:

  • Don’t overload electrical outlets, power bars or circuits. Overloaded outlets can overheat
  • Don’t plug more than three strings of lights together and avoid connecting LED strings of lights to conventional strings
  • Throw out frayed or damaged electrical cords, extension cords and lights to protect you and your family against the risk of electrical shock and fire

Don’t forget:

  • Look up! Stay clear of power lines when decorating outside
  • Before turning in for bed and when leaving the house, remember to turn off or unplug holiday lights

Click here for more information on safe holiday decorating from the Electrical Safety Authority