Oakville: SERC Study Documents Health Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking

Information posted May 4, 2015


Nordic Pole Walking (NPW), the act of walking with poles, is an activity that promotes health and wellness for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. For older adults, this activity can be part of a healthy lifestyle while assisting with balance and encouraging correct gait for those who require additional support. The Sheridan Centre for Elder Research, in partnership with Nordixx Canada, offered an 11-week Nordic Pole Walking program (20 hours) to evaluate its impact on the overall feelings of health, well-being and motivation in older adults. A total of sixteen people participated (14 female, 2 male), and each participant completed a comprehensive battery of surveys and standardized evaluations of health, physical activity levels and motivation. Results showed that participants enjoyed the ‘walk and talk’ component and reported improved fitness levels and eagerness to continue Nordic Pole Walking after the project ended.

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