Windsor-Essex Report on the 2015 AGM


We welcomed at the 2014 AGM, a new Board of 12 persons;  Co Chairs were established; Co-Chair Bruce Draper took a leave of absence to cope with cancer treatment; all board members took on some committee work in the areas of communications, activity planning, representation on United Way and Hospice and a Pension forum, and reaching out to the county and retirement agencies. (Chartwell)

  • First event was the International Seniors Day at City Call co-sponsored by local Unifor; snacks provided by Chartwell, LaSalle., presentation made by Chair;
  • Next event was a social and presentation at the Tecumseh Legion Hall
  • Chartwell, LaSalle sponsored the next event at their facility on aging and safety
  • Leamington Senior Centre was the site for a session on seniors
  • Advocacy is the priority of National Office and we have made several initiatives to promote causes on retirement finance security (with a Unifor group promoting better CPP, etc.), health and wellness (sessions for medical graduates during their geriatric rotations), A CHARTER of support for palliative and long term care for city agencies (Hospice) and moving forward with a Sept. a conversation on assisted end of life care.
  • Benefits and Community promotion and activities are in progress especially promoted by the Central Office, United Way involvement and local efforts to support a proposal for a Mega hospital.
  • The Chapter is also continuing to manage our membership data and communication in a more personal and targeted manner by means of email and phone calls.
  • A cultural shift in participation rates was noticeable in the low to modest attendance but perhaps communication deficiencies were a cause.


Moving Forward:

  • we need to concentrate on promoting membership attendance at all events by means of more advanced communication
  • finalize the work on the membership rooster and contacts
  • work/partner with strategic local and county efforts to improve the lives of seniors/the aging
  • combine social and advocacy efforts in a more inviting manner
  • enhance our participation in Carp recruitment efforts
  • plan for at least four public events in a 12 month period




Chair:                 John Meyer

Deputy Chair: Shirley Lessard

Secretary:         Dorothy Davis

Treasurer:         Terry Hall

Directors:          Maureen Curtis, Larry Duffield, Sylvia Flanagan, Andy Moro, Caitlin Shanahan