What is This Former Pro-athlete and Sears Pensioner Most Worried About?

Zeke O’Connor, a former professional athlete and Sears pensioner, is concerned about the future.

As the troubled retailer restructures, the 91 year-old faces benefit and pension losses beginning Oct. 1st. But guess who he is most worried about? Watch this video to hear Zeke’s take on what’s happening, whose in trouble, and on living to 100.

CARP, a national advocacy association for older Canadians,  invited pensioners to share their stories with the public to give them a voice to create change. Zeke O’Connor wrote to CARP and Znews videographer, Darrin Maharaj, visited him to help share his unique story. CARP is calling for the public to SIGN and SHARE its petition to “Put Pensioners First.”

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